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the complexities of live
die Vielfalt des Lebens zu meisternh
inizia ad imparare
(to) navigate
He hopes to develop an internal team on the Faroe Islands who can work to help navigate the complexities of ending the practice.
hold funding
Finanzierung aufs Eis legen
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(to) put on
But the appeal marked a reversal for the conservative government after the EU put on hold millions of euros of funding to the regions.
a deep row over business.
einen Streit entschärfen
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(to) defuse
US President Joe Biden and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, had a “friendly” phone call Wednesday to defuse a deep row over submarine sales to Australia, promising to meet in person to repair the transatlantic relationship.
into laws
etwas juristisch festschreiben
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(to) grandfather
Her parole was grandfathered into federal laws that have since been made more stringent.
in motion an action
eine Aktion in Gang bringen
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(to) set
The referendum campaign, which was first set in motion years ago and embraced colourful, fun messaging that stood out from typically staid German electioneering, helped spark a city-wide dialogue around a radical prospect.
down a bill
einen Gesetzesentwurf abweisen
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(to) strike
On 1 March, the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany struck down a data retention law that will lead to the violation of fundamental rights of citizens in Europe.

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