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przegadać kilka pomysłów z (tobą)
inizia ad imparare
to run some ideas by (you) (3)
Our R&D department has some ideas about how to make our products safer. They'd like to meet this afternoon to run some ideas by us.
sztywno ustalony
Decyzja nie będzie sztwyno ustalona, aż wydamy dokumenty.
inizia ad imparare
set in stone (3)
The decision won't be set in stone until we release the documents.
nieprzemyślane pomysły, rozwiązania
Proszę uczynić więcej w Syrii i nie popierać nieprzemyślanych rozwiązań.
inizia ad imparare
half-baked ideas, solutions (3)
o more in Syria and do not lend your support to half-baked solutions.
firma naśladująca
Dell jest znany jak "firma naśladująca" na rynku.
inizia ad imparare
fast follower (5)
Dell is known as a "fast follower" in the industry.
najnowocześniejsze, nowatorki, innowacyjny
Uważam, że niezbędne jest opracowanie i sprzedaż nowatorskich technologii energetycznych.
inizia ad imparare
cutting-edge (5)
I think that it is vital to develop and sell new, cutting-edge energy technologies.
Dlaczego robić coś innego? Jeżeli obecny sposób działa?
inizia ad imparare
Why mess with success? (5)
We could move our manufacturing plant to China, but we're doing very well manufacturing in the United States. Why mess with success?
trzymaj się programu
Stary rób swoje! Więcej nie organizujemy casual piątków.
inizia ad imparare
get with the program (5)
Dude, get with the program! We don't do casual Fridays any more.
niewypał (w biznesie)
W 85 Coca-Cola wypuściła New Coke. Był to prawdziwy niewypał który był na półkach zaledwie kilka miesięcy.
inizia ad imparare
real dog (5)
In 1985, the Coca-Cola Company released New Coke. It was a real dog and was in stores for only a few months.
produkt "podróba"
Nie chcę kolejnego podróby z cyklu "to ja też." Chcę kogoś, kto chce zmienić świat.
inizia ad imparare
me-too product (5)
I don't want another "me too" product. I want somebody who knows, who can change the world out there.
wyprzedzić swoich konkurentów
Po pierwsze: musimy skoczyć w przód.
inizia ad imparare
leapfrog one's competitors (5)
Well, the first thing we need is, we need leapfrogging.
wzmacniać, uatrakcyjnić
Ostatnio uatrakcyjnili wiadomości o nową ramówkę.
inizia ad imparare
beef up (5)
They had beefed up the Polish TV news programme format recently.
na początek
Na poczatek chciałabym podziękować za zaproszenie.
inizia ad imparare
for starters (5)
For starters I would like to thank for your invitation.
być na wagę złota, za stosunkowo najwyższą kwotę
We wczesnych latach czas i sen był na wagę złota. Kiedy TV z płaskim ekranem był do sprzedaży był sprzedawany za najwyższe kwoty.
inizia ad imparare
be at a premium, at a premium (5)
In the early days, time and sleep will be at a premium. When flat-screen televisions first came out, they were selling at a premium.
uzyskać aprobate
By być efektywnym liderem musisz uzyskać aprobatę swoich decyzji od pracowników całej organizacji.
inizia ad imparare
(to) get buy-in (from) (5)
To be an effective leader, you need to get buy-in for your decisions from employees throughout the organization.
wymyślić dobry pomysł
inizia ad imparare
come up with a winner (1)
Everybody likes Pepsi's new advertising campaign. Their advertising agency has come up with a winner.
bajery (1)
inizia ad imparare
bells and whistles (1)
Our office just got a new copier with all the bells and whistles. I'll probably never learn how to use all of its features!
przyśpieszyć projekt
inizia ad imparare
(to) fast track a project (1)
Let's fast track this project. We've heard rumors that our competitors are developing similar products.
zarobić kupę forsy
inizia ad imparare
(to) make a killing (1)
SYNONYM: Make a fortune
Suzanne made a killing on her Google stock and retired at 40.
(Do) utrzymać coś w tajemnicy
inizia ad imparare
(to) keep something under wraps (1)
I'm sorry I can't tell you anything about the project I'm working on. My boss told me to keep it under wraps.
Ani mru mru
inizia ad imparare
mum's the word (1)
Please don't tell anybody about our new project. Remember: mum's the word!
zwietrzyć coś
inizia ad imparare
(to) get wind of (1)
When the restaurant owner got wind of the fact that one of his waiters was stealing money from the cash register, he was furious.
zabrać się do roboty
inizia ad imparare
(to) get something off the ground (1)
kalkulacje na brudno, na szybko
inizia ad imparare
back-of-the-envelope calculation (2)
: I don't need the exact numbers right now. Just give me some back-of-the-envelope calculations.
przypuszczenie (2)
inizia ad imparare
educated guess (2)
I'd say there are about a million potential consumers for your new line of cosmetics, but that's just an educated guess.
w poważnych kłopotach
inizia ad imparare
in hot water (2)
I was in hot water when I forgot my sister’s birthday.
wykonywać kalkulacje finansowe
inizia ad imparare
(to) crunch the numbers (2)
Reed Corporation is thinking about buying a small company. First, they'll need to crunch the numbers and see if their acquisition will be profitable.
martwi mnie to, zaskakuje, zdumiewa
inizia ad imparare
(it or that) blows my mind (2)
It blows my mind that our company is trying to save money by taking away our free coffee service.
wykonywać kalkulacje na liczbach (finasowe)
inizia ad imparare
(to) run (the) numbers (2)
Should we lease or buy the equipment? We'll need to run the numbers to help us make the decision.
inizia ad imparare
in the red (2)
We need to do something to start making profits. If we're in the red for one more quarter, we're going to go out of business.
wypłacalny, na plusie
inizia ad imparare
in the black (2)
Mike won a prize and finaly he is in the black.
iść pod topór czyli być w pozycji kłopotliwej albo zostać zwolnionym
inizia ad imparare
one's head is on the chopping block (2)
After Earthy Foods released a frozen dinner that made many consumers sick, their CEO's head was on the chopping block.
Wyjść na zero, wyjść na równo
inizia ad imparare
(to) break even (2)
You broke even during your first year in business? That's good since most companies lose money during their first year.
wyciągnąć wtyczkę, zatrzymać projekt
inizia ad imparare
(to) pull the plug (2)
After losing millions of dollars drilling for oil in Ne¬braska and finding nothing, the oil company finally pulled the plug on its exploration project.
wylewać zimny kubeł na pomysł, plan
inizia ad imparare
throw cold water over (an idea, a plan) (3)
Pat presented her boss with a plan to expand their busi¬ness into China, but he threw cold water over her plan and told her to just focus on developing business in the United States.
być na właściwym torze
inizia ad imparare
be on the right track (3)
After years of struggling, Apple Computer is now on the right track by focusing on innovative products like the iPod
generować dużo szumu, uwagi
inizia ad imparare
generate lots of buzz (3)
Procter & Gamble generated lots of buzz for its new toothpaste by giving away free samples to people on the streets of New York City.
Wisienka na torcie
inizia ad imparare
icing on the cake (3)
Alison won $2 million in a sexual harassment lawsuit against her employer. And here's the icing on the cake: her company will have to pay all of her legal fees too!
kosztować krocie
inizia ad imparare
an arm and leg (3)
Jack always flies business class to Asia. The plane tickets cost an arm and a leg!
promować produkt
inizia ad imparare
plug a product (3)
American Express often hires famous people to plug their credit cards. No wonder people pay attention to their ads!
przekonać kogoś do czegoś, prawie zmusić
inizia ad imparare
twist somebody's arm (3)
Ben didn't want to go to the company Christmas party this year, but Amy twisted his arm and he ended up having fun.
uatrakcykjnić (prezntacje), dodać więcej szczegółów
inizia ad imparare
flesh out something (3)
I like your idea of moving our manufacturing facility to China, but your plan doesn't have any details. Please flesh out your plan and present it at our board meeting next month.
skontaktować się z kimś
inizia ad imparare
touch base with someone (3)
"Hi, it's Andy calling from City Style magazine. I'm just touching base with you to see if you want to buy an ad."
rozwiązać pewne problemy
inizia ad imparare
(to) work out the (or some) kinks (4)
The company announced that they will delay the launch of their new product by two weeks. They still need to work out the kinks with their packaging process.
dostroić, dostrajać (np. sprzęt, gospodarkę)
Może zająć kolejne 6 miesięcy dostrajanie naszego procesu produkcyjnego.
inizia ad imparare
(to) fine-tune (4)
Może zająć kolejne 6 miesięcy dostrajanie naszego procesu produkcyjnego.
Żadnego ale. Żadnych wymówek
inizia ad imparare
No ifs, ands or buts (4)
All employees must attend our team-building workshop tomorrow, no ifs, ands, or buts.
Tak do protokołu, jasności, wiadomości
inizia ad imparare
just for the record (4)
zostawić sobie niewystarczająco czasu
inizia ad imparare
cut it close/fine (4)
Jerry promised his customer he'd ship out the equipment by the end of the week. Since we haven't assembled it yet, I think that's cutting it close.
zejść na ziemie
inizia ad imparare
reality check (4)
I think a few people need to take a reality check.
pojdejść do tablicy, pojdjąć działania
Nasza kultura musi zachęcać mężczyzn do brania odpowiedzialności za tę sferę.
inizia ad imparare
(to) step up to the plate (4)
Our culture needs to encourage men to step up to the plate.
pracować do końca (do ostatniej minuty)
inizia ad imparare
work down to the wire (4)
The investment bankers need to turn in their report at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning, and they've still got many hours of work left on it. They're going to be working down to the wire.
w ostatecznym rozrachunku
inizia ad imparare
at the end of the day (4)
At the end of the day, the most important thing is how many cases of product we were able to ship this year.
gwałtownie rosnąć
inizia ad imparare
go through the roof (6)
No wonder people are complaining about the cost of heating their homes. Oil prices have gone through the roof!
podziękowania dla (6)
inizia ad imparare
kudos to (6)
Kudos to our R&D department. They've come up with a new shampoo formula that's cheaper to manufacture and more effective on damaged hair.
klepać po plecach
inizia ad imparare
a pat on the back
"Team, give yourselves a pat on the back. Our results are in and we just had our most successful quarter ever!"
marketingu partyzancki
inizia ad imparare
guerrilla marketing (6)
innovative methods to sell products; non-traditional methods of advertising or promotion that deliver good results with minimal spending
To promote his new Internet dating service, Don paint¬ed his car pink and wrote "Don's Dating Service" in big letters on both sides of the car. That's effective guerrilla marketing!
inizia ad imparare
dream up (6)
A disposable lemon-scented toilet brush? What will companies dream up next?
nakręcić, rozkręcić interesy (np. zdobyć więcej zleceń, mieć więcej zamówień)
inizia ad imparare
drum up business (6)
Sales have been very slow lately. Do you have any ideas for drumming up business?
potoczyć się, ułożyć się, układać się
inizia ad imparare
pan out (6)
I'm glad to see that your business plan has panned out.
rywalizować twardo
inizia ad imparare
give run for one's money (6)
In order to give Dorian a run for his money for the title of "the biggest star of the small screen", he became Rhody, seller
ponosić odpowiedzialność
inizia ad imparare
face the music (7)
: Enron executives finally had to face the music and admit that they were involved in some illegal activities.
zarobić na
inizia ad imparare
(to) cash in on (7)
Jamie Oliver, star of the TV show The Naked Chef, cashed in on his popularity by writing cookbooks and opening restaurants.
stać w miejscu, nie robić postępu
inizia ad imparare
(to) run in place (7)
Our company needs to come up with some innovative new products. We've been running in place for years.
Wyjąłeś mi to z ust!
inizia ad imparare
You took the words right out of my mouth! (7)

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