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I think both, a giving and a receiving gifts, can make people happy but in a different ways.
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Preparing gifts can be very absorbing and exciting, as we can see in the first photograph.
A boy in the photograph looks very excited when his father teach him how to prepare a gift.
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The thing could be a present for boy’s mother and he is very happy that he will give her the present.
The second photograph shows a woman who received a flower.
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She looks very happy and she smiles when she reads a notes.
She looks like a woman in love.
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I can imagine that she received the flowers from her boyfriend or husband.
I would say that both photographs show people’s feelings like an excitement and a happiness,
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but the first photo shows a waiting for some special moment whereas the second one shows a joy and a pleasure.
To sum up, a preparing and a giving gifts makes people happy
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because they can give somebody enjoyment and gladness and in this way they can also feel glad themselves.
In the other hand, when we receive some gifts,
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we feel very pleased and we are happy that somebody remember about us.

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