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siedzenia w środku/przy oknie w samolocie
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aisle seats or window seats on the plane
autobus wahadłowy
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airport-city shuttle (= a bust rain, etc. that goes regularly between places) –
czy możemy wypożyczyć narty na dzień czy wypożyczają tylko długoterminowo
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Can we rent the skis day-by-dayr do they only do long-term rentals –
Chodziłem do szkoły chłopięcej/dziewczęcej
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I went to a single-sex school. (= a school only for boys or only for girls)
(= to chose one person from a group for special attention
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criticism or praise) single out: single out [sb/sth], single [sb/sth] out [person] wyb|rać, -ierać• The teacher didn't like him and always singled him out for the toughest questions.
(= remind people of) - upamiętniać
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kiedy przynosimy jedzenie do poświęcenia w kościele
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when we bless food brought to church in a basket – Easter
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People of all walks of life (= backgrounds) can let their hair down (= relax) and enjoy themselves.
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over the years all holidays and celebrations have become much more commercialized
napisał wiersz upamiętniający śmierć papieża(= to honour and remember an important person or event)
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He wrote a poem in commemoration of the Pope's death.
święto państwowe
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Bank holiday
sukces komercyjny
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Commercial success
(= comes out)
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People are amazed when a 14-year-old boy obtains (=gets) a first class degree in physics

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