March 2013 FCE

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wpakować się w coś (w kłopoty)
inizia ad imparare
let yourself in for sth
What have I let myself in for?
plan podróży
inizia ad imparare
Our itinerary included stops at several famous cathedrals. I'll mail you a copy of my itinerary so you'll know where to reach me. /aɪˈtɪnəˈrɛri/
uporać się z czymś (idiom)
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get to grips with sth
I've never really got to grips with this new technology
mądrala, zarozumialec
inizia ad imparare
BrE know-all, AmE know-it-all
But all of a sudden, she's a know-it-all who can explain everything. Today, new employees arrive on their first day with an alarming amount of know-it-all. /ˈnoʊɪtˌɔl/
nagle, bez uprzedzenia
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all of a sudden
All of a sudden lightning struck the tree we were sitting under. I felt a sharp pain in my side all of a sudden.
śmiałe przedsięwzięcie, wyprawa; narażać, ryzykować, odważyć się
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We ventured out into the woods. The group's lead singer is now venturing on a solo career. /ˈvɛntʃər/
inizia ad imparare
She was wearing an oversized man's jacked, a delicately patterned top and jeans. /ˈpætərn; BrE ˈpætn/
stos, sterta
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That's quite a pile on your desk. Put magazines on that pile after you read them. /paɪl/
spodziewać się czegoś, liczyć na coś
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bargain for sth
Her first stay there turned out to be much longer than she'd bargained for.
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BrE one-off, AmE one-shot
It was only meant to be a one-off, but I decided to go ahead with more.
targ, jarmark
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She hit upon the idea of staging what she calls vintage fairs. /fɛər/
zorganizować publiczne wydarzenie; zdiagnozować stadium choroby
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Over the weekend, the Kremlin also staged a massive anti-American march through Moscow, reviving another relic of the Cold War. /steɪdʒ/
zaopatrzeniowiec (osoba odpowiedzialna za zakupy dla firm); kupujący, nabywca
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Her mum works as a buyer at a big department store. /ˈbaɪər/
opuszczony, nieeksploatowany
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<a disused warehouse that had become a den for drug dealers> /n. dɪsˈyus; v. dɪsˈyuz/
ponaglać kogoś, dopingować kogoś
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spur sb on
His coach spurred him on in his aspirations. To spur something on is to get it going, to encourage it, to hasten it or stimulate. /spɜr/
robić wyrzuty, zarzucać
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She looked at him with reproach. Accusations and reproaches from both parties made it difficult to pursue discussions. /rɪˈproʊtʃ/
umierać, ginąć
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All his men perished at the battle. /ˈpɛrɪʃ/

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