(12) Distribution & Promotion – transport and logistics (basic terms)

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Analiza ABC (klasyfikacja zapasów wg ustalonych kryteriów)
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ABC Analysis
The classification of items in the inventory according to importance, defined in terms of criteria such as sales volume, and purchase volume.
przewoźnik lotniczy
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air carrier
Certified provider of scheduled and nonscheduled services.
ubezpieczenie wszelkich ryzyk
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all risk insurance
This type of insurance offers the shipper the broadest coverage available, covering against all losses that may occur in transit.
przebieg powrotny
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A vehicle's return movement from the original destination to the original origin.
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A flat-bottomed vessel towed or pushed by another craft used for transporting freight in rivers.
konosament, morski list przewozowy
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bill of lading
A document issued by the carrier that records the receipt of goods for shipment and the contract terms.
ciągnik bez przyczepy
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a bobtail
A tractor operating without a trailer.
bukowanie / rezerwowanie miejsca na ładunek.
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Arranging for the transportation of freight by a carrier.
kryty wagon towarowy
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A closed rail freight car
podział ładunku skonsolidowanego na mniejsze przesyłki
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The separation of consolidated bulk loads into smaller individual shipments.
ładunek masowy (bez opakowania, np. węgiel, ropa naftowa itp.)
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bulk cargo
Not in packages or containers, shipped loose in the hold of a ship.
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The freight carried by a ship, aircraft, truck, or other vessel of vehicle.
ubezpieczenie ładunku
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cargo insurance
Insurance on the freight paid for by the carrier.
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Any individual, company, or corporation engaged in transporting goods.
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a cart
A manually pushed or pulled platform that has a handle and four wheels.
magazyn centralny
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central warehouse
A warehouse where all the goods are gathered together before being distributed to different points.
przewoźnik publiczny (zawodowy)
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common carrier
A transportation company which provides service to the general public at published rates.
adresat, odbiorca
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The receiver of a freight shipment.
nadawca, załadowca
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The sender of a freight shipment, usually the seller.
konsolidacja (łączenie ładunków)
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The act of assembling less-than-truckload shipments into truck-load shipments.
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A large metal box resembling a truck trailer body that can be shipped via vessel or rail and then attached to a trailer chassis for further transport.
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Stowage of general or special cargoes in a container fit for various modes of transport.
przejazd powrotny bez ładunku
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a deadhead
When a truck delivers a load and then completes one leg of a trip without any cargo.
docelowy punkt odbioru, miejsce przeznaczenia
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Location (city or state) that a person, cargo or mode of transport is traveling to.
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A person who schedules and controls intra-city traffic and intercity pickup and delivery.
kanał dystrybucji
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distribution channel
The selling channels supported by an enterprise.
środki zabezpieczające ładunek, materiał sztauerski
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Materials used in holds and containers to protect goods and their packaging from moisture, contamination and mechanical damage.
wagon platforma
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flat car
A railcar without a roof and walls.
wózek widłowy
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A machine used to pick up and move goods loaded on pallets or skids.
nota frachtowa
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freight bill
Document with the description of the freight, weight, charges, rate for charges, taxes and details as to whether it is a pre-paid or payment-on- delivery shipment.
fracht, przewoźne (opłata za przewóz)
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freight charge
The cost of transporting goods from the seller's warehouse to the buyer's warehouse or store.
ładunek pełnokontenerowy
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full-container load
When the merchandise loaded in the container is all from the same customer.
grupowanie (konsolidowanie ładunku)
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A consolidation service, putting small shipments into containers for shipment.
lewy pas ruchu, pas wyprzedzania
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hammer lane
Left lane of traffic.
centrum, węzeł transportowy
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a hub
A center of activity or interest, a focal point.
incoterms (warunki handlu)
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Established international terms of sale published by the International Chamber of Commerce.
logistyka zintegrowana
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integrated logistics
A comprehensive supply chain as a single process, from raw materials supply to finished goods distribution.
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Use of multiple modes of transportation to move containers of cargo.
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All stock on hand at any given time, either visibly displayed or in stockrooms and other secured areas.
koszty utrzymywania zapasów
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inventory-carrying costs
A financial measurement that calculates all costs associated with holding goods in storage.
stawka łączna
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joint rate
A rate applicable from a point on one transportation line to a point on another line.
dokładnie na czas (dotyczy dostaw surowców i komponentów do produkcji)
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just-in-time (JIT)
An inventory management system in which a warehouse's inventory is maintained at minimum levels because replenishment stock is immediately available from suppliers.
strata stwierdzona
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a known loss
A loss discovered before or at the time of delivery of a shipment.
czas realizacji zamówienia
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lead time
Total time from receipt of store order to the scheduled delivery time of the product at the store.
ładunek niepełnokontenerowy
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A shipment weighing less than the weight required for a truckload rate.
ubezpieczenie od odpowiedzialności cywilnej
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liability insurance
Insurance that covers any third party injuries or damages.
statek liniowy, liniowiec
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A vessel sailing between specified ports on a regular basis.
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The process of moving goods up or down the container or carrier.
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The management of a facility's traffic or transportation functions.
podróże na duże odległości, długodystansowe
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long-distance travel
Trips between two separate geographically distant destinations.
wykaz ładunków, manifest
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a manifest
A document describing a shipment or the contents of a vehicle.
opłata minimalna
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minimum charge
The lowest charge that can be assessed to transport a shipment.
ładunek mieszany
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mixed load
A trailer load that includes more than one product line.
transport multimodalny
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multi-modal transportation
The process of delivery of goods which involves more than one kind of transportation vehicle.
waga netto pojemnika, tara
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net tare weight
The weight of an empty cargo-carrying piece of equipment plus any fixtures permanently attached.
pobranie towaru z magazynu i zapakowanie zgodnie z instrukcją nabywcy ('pobierać i pakować')
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pick & pack
Picking a product from an inventory and packing it into shipment containers.
Przewóz kombinowany (wykonywany przez kolej i transport drogowy
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a piggyback
A transportation arrangement in which truck trailers with their loads are moved by train to a destination.
usługa przedpłacona
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Freight charges paid by the consignor (shipper) prior to the release of the bills of lading by the carrier.
przewoźnik prywatny
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private carrier
A company that has its own trucks to transport its own freight.
dowód dostawy
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proof of delivery
A document required from the carrier or driver for proper payment.
kwota, kontyngent
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The quantity of goods that may be imported without restriction during a set period of time.
opłata za przewóz
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a rate
The charge for transporting freight.
kontener chłodniczy lub naczepa, statek-chłodnia
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Refrigerated container or trailer.
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When the packaging is removed from certain goods which then are packed again in a different way.
zapas bezpieczny, zapas buforowy
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safety stock
Stock reserve to prevent out-of-stock situations due to unexpected increases in product movement.
zdolność statku do żeglugi
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The fitness of a vessel for its intended use.
frachtujący, spedytor, załadowca
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The person or company who is usually the supplier or owner of commodities shipped.
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Loading and delivery (usually on trucks) of orders from the distribution center to the retailer.
tona amerykańska
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short ton
A standard measure in the United States - 2,000 pounds.
sztauowanie, rozmieszczenie ładunku na statku
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A marine term referring to loading freight into ship' hold.
łańcuch dostaw
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supply chain
The sequence of activities from the delivery of raw materials to the manufacturer through to the delivery of the finished product to the customer.
cennik usług przewozowych
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Published rate for hauling goods.
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a terminal
An area in which freight is organized and prepared for loading before being dispatched to its final destination.
stawka za przewóz bezpośredni
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through rate
The total rate from the point of origin to the final destination.
monitorowanie i rejestrowanie
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tracking and tracing
Monitoring and recording of shipment movements from origin to destination.
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The power unit used to pull a trailer.
zarządzanie przewozami
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traffic management
Managing and controlling of transportation modes, carriers and services.
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The portion of the truck in which the freight is loaded and hauled.
czas pomiędzy odebraniem przesyłki a jej wysłaniem
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transit time
The total time that elapses between a shipment's pickup and delivery.
zarządzanie transportem
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transportation management
System used to plan freight movements, do freight rating and shipping, select the appropriate route and carrier, and manage freight bills and payments.
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to transship
To transport goods from one transportation line to another, or from one ship to another.
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Transfer of cargo from one conveyance to another.
pociąg marszrutowy
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unit train
A train of a specified number of railcars, perhaps 100, which remain as a unit for a designated destination or until a change in routing is made.
wyładunek (np. z pojazdu/kontenera)
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When goods are moved out of the vehicle/container.
wskaźnik wykorzystania zdolności przewozowych (np. taboru samochodowego)
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utilization rate
Fleet productivity measurement that tracks the percentage of time that a vehicle is being used.
węzeł kolejowy
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The meeting place of two or more railroads.
umowa przewozu
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contract of carriage
zawarcie i wykonanie umowy przewozu
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conclusion and performance of the contract of carriage
wykonanie przewozu
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performance of the carriage
przewoźnik drogowy
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carrier by road
przewoźnik inny niż drogowy
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carrier by the other means of transport
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sztuka przesyłki
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sposób opakowania
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method of packing
list przewozowy
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consignment note
wystawić list przewozowy
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to draw up the consignment note
wydać list przewozowy odbiorcy
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to hand the consignment note to the consignee
wpisać do listu przewozowego zastrzeżenia
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to enter reservations in the consignment note
Droga do Green Mountain w sezonie jest zamknięta dla pojazdów.
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The road to Green Mountain is closed for the season to vehicles.
ładowany na pojazdy
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loaded in vehicles
wyładowany z pojazdów
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unloaded from vehicles
ładowanie towaru
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loading of the goods
rozmieszczenie towaru
na statku, samolocie
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stowage of the goods
wyładowanie towaru
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unloading of the goods
opóźnienie dostawy
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delay in delivery
koszty przewoźne
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carriage charges
koszty dodatkowe
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supplementary charges
należności celne
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customs duties
umówiony termin, w jakim ma być wykonany przewóz
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the agreed time limit within which the carriage is to be carried out
brak, niedostateczność lub nieprawidłowość dokumentów i informacji
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absence, inadequacy or irregularity of documents and information
osoba uprawniona do rozporządzania towarem
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person entitled to dispose of the goods
powierzyć towar osobie trzeciej
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to entrust the goods to a third party
wada ukryta/własna towaru
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inherent vice of the goods
dodatkowa opłata
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