Viking Valhalla and king

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bogobojny, nabożny, pobożny (o człowieku, działaniu), świętoszkowaty, obłudny
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strongly believing in religion, and living in a way that shows this belief:
She is a pious follower of the faith, never missing her prayers. Quit the pious apologies - I know you don't really care.
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someone who worships and prays to an object or picture as part of a religion: someone who respects and admires a person or idea, often too much:
Idolaters sacrificed animals to idols. The Pacific islanders were originally idolaters, and had idols of carved wood.
świętość, świątobliwość
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sainthood, saintliness, saintship
the fact or position of being a saint
The Pope had approved elevating him to sainthood. To achieve sainthood, two miracles are required.
umocować, zabezpieczać
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Can you help me secure this cupboard?
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the quality of being very or too religious, or reminding you of religious behaviour, often in a way that is annoying (mostly disapproving)
From his mother he inherited a fervent religiosity. She has a distaste for overt religiosity in public life.
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used to describe beliefs that are strongly and sincerely felt or people who have strong and sincere beliefs: impassioned
a fervent supporter of the communist party It is his fervent hope that a peaceful solution will soon be found.
szkolny bal
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a formal party held for older students at the end of the school year, at which there is dancing:
Who are you taking to the Senior Prom?
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the activity of arranging marriages or romantic relationships between people
He did not welcome his parents' attempts at matchmaking.
inizia ad imparare
Something bad that is untimely happens unexpectedly early or at a time that is not suitable:
ill-timed. It was this passion for fast cars that led to his untimely death at the age of 43. an ill-timed comment
pasować (do kogoś, o zachowaniu), być odpowiednim (dla kogoś, o zachowaniu)
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Such words do not become you. In my opinion, black hair doesn't become her.
maleńki, drobny
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extremely small:
I've never seen a man with such tiny hands - they're minute! The documentary showed an eye operation in minute detail.
osoba, która połączyła Unifikator
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Bagrat III is known as a unifier of divided lands of Georgia into one polity under his rule, becoming thus the first crowned king of the unified realm.
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using, showing, or relating to the unfair and cruel use of power over other people in a country, group, etc
a tyrannical leader/regime/political system In the end she left home just to escape the tyrannical rule of her mother.
perspektywy, pogląd
inizia ad imparare
a general attitude towards something, e.g. life or the world
Our outlook for the future seems great. The doctor said that the treatment may take time, but the outlook is good.
szturchać, trącać, sterczeć
inizia ad imparare
to push a finger or other pointed object quickly into someone or something:
The price tag is poking out of your shirt. He poked me to attract my attention. the little chimney pokes through the corner in the living room.
most zwodzony
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a bridge that can be raised or brought down in order to protect a castle from attack or to allow big boats to go under it
parodia, parodiować, trawersować
inizia ad imparare
something that fails to represent the values and qualities that it is intended to represent, in a way that is shocking or offensive:
Langdale described the court ruling as a travesty of justice.
szanowany, poważany
inizia ad imparare
respect for or a good opinion of someone
There has been a drop in public esteem for teachers. Because of their achievements they were held in (= given) (high) esteem. It is my honor to introduce our esteemed senator.
mający urojenia, urojeniowych
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Now, outside the delusionary cycle, you are quite capable of making decisions.
bystry, przenikliwy (w radzeniu sobie z ludźmi, problemami)
inizia ad imparare
able to understand a situation quickly and see how to take advantage of it: shrewd
He's always been a very astute politician. an astute observer of human behaviour
plaga (zmora (rzecz powodująca cierpienia, nieszczęścia), bicz, utrapienie
inizia ad imparare
something or someone that causes great suffering or a lot of trouble
He's a scourge to his teachers. the scourge of war/poverty/drugs Pop-up ads have been described as the scourge of the Internet.
być wtajemniczonym w coś
inizia ad imparare
be privy to something
sharing in the knowledge of (something secret or private).
he was no longer privy to her innermost thoughts"
rzygać, wymiociny (potocznie)
inizia ad imparare
to vomit: slang
The baby puked all down my shirt. She puked her dinner up again.
bojaźliwy, guzkowaty
inizia ad imparare
nervous and without much confidence. of, relating to, or resembling a tumor- tumorous. fainthearted, fearful, fearsome, timid
timid, fearful. They have quite rightly stilled the fears of even the most timorous.
zniewaga, obraża, znieważać
inizia ad imparare
insult, offence, abuse. a remark or action intended to insult or offend someone
He regarded the comments as an affront to his dignity.
niepowstrzymany, niekontrolowany, niesprawdzony
inizia ad imparare
If something harmful is unchecked, it is continuing or increasing without or despite any limits or attempts to prevent it:
If current trends go/continue unchecked, obesity will become the number one cause of death in this country. The war raged on, unchecked by the UN's efforts to stop it. I wasn't able to check my laughter, and he told me to leave. The police checked the rio
inizia ad imparare
miserable, very sad
a doleful expression
rażący, notoryczny, jaskrawy
inizia ad imparare
(of a bad action, situation, person, etc.) shocking because of being so obvious. glaring
a flagrant misuse of funds/privilege a flagrant breach of trust a flagrant disregard for the law
naruszyć, pogwałcić, naruszenie, pogwałcenie, wyłom w murze
inizia ad imparare
The breach in the wall was big enough for them to pass. a flagrant breach of trust. He was sued for breach of contract. The theatre was in breach of the safety laws for having no fire doors.
inizia ad imparare
to remove the stomach and bowels from a dead animal, or to kill a person in this way, especially in the past as a punishment
to remove one or all of the organs from the inside of a bod. y evisceration of our forces
małomówny, powściągliwy w słowach
inizia ad imparare
unwilling to speak about your thoughts or feelings:
He is very reticent about his past. Most of the students were reticent about answering questions. At first she was reticent, but later she relaxed and was more forthcoming.
pośredni, leżący pomiędzy
inizia ad imparare
happening between two times or between other events or activities:
It was a long time since my last visit to Berlin, and it had changed dramatically in the intervening period/years... The prisoner asked me to intervene with the authorities on his behalf.
błahy, nieznaczący
inizia ad imparare
I'm a trifle confused about the arrangements for tonight. It was such a trifling sum of money to argue about.
zaabsorbowanie/zainteresowanie/poprzednie zajęcie
inizia ad imparare
an idea or subject that someone thinks about most of the time. the state of being worried about or thinking about something most of the time:
My main preoccupation now is trying to keep life normal for the sake of my two boys. Lately, his preoccupation with football had caused his marks at school to slip.
hołota, motłoch, gawiedź
inizia ad imparare
a large, noisy, uncontrolled group of people:
The defeated army returned home as a demoralized rabble. He views his opponents as a mindless rabble. Her speech stirred the emotions of the rabble.
niedojrzały, nieopierzony
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Someone, especially a young person, who is callow behaves in a way that shows they have little experience, confidence, or judgment: literary
Mark was just a callow youth of 16 when he arrived in Paris.
zjarany, pod wpływem
inizia ad imparare
I found you in the gutter half-baked. What were you doing there?
masakarada, komedia (pejoratywne)
inizia ad imparare
an act or event that is clearly false:
Everyone knew who was going to get the job from the start - the interviews were just a charade.
oczarować, omamić
inizia ad imparare
to persuade, attract, or interest someone, sometimes in order to deceive them
He was completely beguiled by her beauty. The salesman beguiled him into buying a car he didn't want. a beguiling smile

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