mandalorian and fungi

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twierdzący, potwierdzam(komenda), zgoda, twierdzenie
inizia ad imparare
relating to a statement that shows agreement or says "yes"
an affirmative answer/response. "Were you in New York on 3 March?" "Affirmative." (= "Yes."). She asked the question expecting an affirmative.
pomóc w ucieczce z więzienia, przepuszczać pieniądze, jary (o zbożu)
(skądżeś się urwał)
inizia ad imparare
to appear suddenly. to cause something to happen suddenly
If you spring all this money, I will skin you. Admit it! You sprang the criminal from prison. This is a spring variety of wheat."Where did you spring from? - I didn't see you come in!"
całkowita przemiana
inizia ad imparare
sea change
a complete change:
There will have to be a sea change in people's attitudes if public transport is ever to replace the private car.
zarodnik (komórka służąca do rozmnażania się roślin i grzybów)
inizia ad imparare
a reproductive cell produced by some plants and simple organisms such as ferns and mushrooms
I'm allergic to plant spores.
zakwestionować, poddawać w wątpliwość
inizia ad imparare
to cause people to doubt someone's character, qualities, or reputation by criticizing them:
Are you impugning my competence as a professional designer? impugnment, impugnable
tajny, potajemny
inizia ad imparare
planned or done in secret, especially describing something that is not officially allowed:
The group held weekly clandestine meetings in a church. He has been having a clandestine affair with his secretary for three years. She undertook several clandestine operations for the CIA.
szkopuł, ostry wystający element czegoś, odłamany fragment (np. zęba), rozerwać, rozedrzeć (o coś),
inizia ad imparare
a problem, difficulty, or disadvantage. If you snag something, it becomes caught on a sharp object and tears
We don't anticipate any snags in/with the negotiations. The drug is very effective - the only snag is that it cannot be produced in large quantities. This sweater's full of snags. Be careful not to snag your coat on the barbed wire.
inizia ad imparare
to give a weak form of a disease to a person or animal, usually by injection, as a protection against that disease: vaccine
My children have been inoculated against polio. inoculation
inizia ad imparare
A multicellular organism is made of many cells:
multicellular. intracellular and extracellular. Some green algae are multicellular.
inizia ad imparare
inizia ad imparare
a device used for picking up objects, consisting of two long pieces joined at one end and pressed together at the other end in order to hold an object between them:
a pair of tongs
najwyższej klasy
inizia ad imparare
top- tier commando platoon
pluton żołnierzy
inizia ad imparare
a small group of about ten or twelve soldiers, with a lieutenant in charge of it: a group of vehicles, especially military vehicles:
His platoon was ambushed. a platoon commander. First there is a platoon of motorcycle outriders who will clear the streets ahead.
myśliwiec przechytujacy, przechwytywacz
inizia ad imparare
a fast aircraft that attacks enemy aircraft
inizia ad imparare
a temporary shelter or camp for sleeping in outside, that is not a tent: to camp (= sleep) in a bivouac
The soldiers bivouacked in the mountains for two nights. The children made a bivouac at the bottom of the garden with some poles and an old blanket.
fortel, podstęp
inizia ad imparare
a trick or a dishonest way of achieving something
It was clear that they must have obtained the information by subterfuge.
nieład, nieporządek
inizia ad imparare
the state of being confused and having no organization or of being untidy:
Ever since the oil crisis, the industry has been in (a state of) disarray. The news had thrown his plans into disarray. Her clothes were in disarray.
uczenie się na pamięć, rutyna, mechaniczne działanie
inizia ad imparare
learning something in order to be able to repeat it from memory, rather than in order to understand it
She learned multiplication by rote.
inizia ad imparare
switch, lever
Somebody has to pull the switch or we won't make it. A points failure was later found to be responsible for the rail accident
inizia ad imparare
He claims he saw a Martian in a flying saucer.
diametralnie przeciwny, różny
inizia ad imparare
diametrically opposed
geocentricism is diametrically opposed to the theory called heliocentricism.
czterolistna koniczyna
inizia ad imparare
four-leaved clover

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