Conjugation of Regular Verbs - Indicative mode

Conjugation of Regular Verbs - Indicative mode
Learn how to conjugate Portuguese verbs with VocApp!

Have you started learning Portuguese? Are you studying verbs conjugation and find it very difficult?
Portuguese verbs can be very complicated, but we made it so you can learn them very easily!
With this course you will learn how to conjugate regular verbs in the Indicative Mode! In all the tenses!
So stick with us at VocApp and improve your Portuguese language skills!
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Verbs - VerbosVerbs - Verbos  
7 schede
To like - GostarTo like - Gostar  
41 schede
To drink - BeberTo drink - Beber  
41 schede
To smile - SorrirTo smile - Sorrir  
41 schede