Spanish: day 2
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Spanish: day 2
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Useful expressions - Expresiones útilesUseful expressions - Expresiones útiles  
25 schede
Things - CosasThings - Cosas  
36 schede
Attributes - CualidadesAttributes - Cualidades  
30 schede
Space - EspacioSpace - Espacio  
31 schede
And, or, but, so - Y, o, pero, así queAnd, or, but, so - Y, o, pero, así que  
26 schede
Time - TiempoTime - Tiempo  
33 schede
Numbers - NúmerosNumbers - Números  
27 schede
Extremely simplified grammar - Gramática extremadamente simplificadaExtremely simplified grammar - Gramática extremadamente simplificada  
12 schede

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How to learn Spanish?

With the help of this Spanish: Day 2 course, you will have access to the most used words in Spanish . To learn Spanish it is fundamental to listen to the language, as such, with our Spanish course you will have the possibility to listen Spanish phrases and the most used words in Spanish . It takes discipline to learn Spanish alone . With VocApp you can manage your time and learn Spanish at your own pace. With the help of flashcards it will be easier to memorize and learn to speak Spanish . This course is an excellent tool for learning Spanish in a fun way. You start by learning basic Spanish words and with our system of memorization, the motivation increases, not lacking reasons to learn Spanish . You will have access to varied Spanish vocabulary and you can learn Spanish phrases , Spanish words . With this app to learn Spanish , insecurities like, "How to speak Spanish?" will be outdone, thanks to our memory system.

Why is it important to learn Spanish?

Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world? Spanish is the official language of 22 countries, the second most important diplomatic language and the third most used language on the Internet. In addition, major world organizations such as the UN, UNESCO and MERCOSUR have adopted Spanish as one of the official languages. Spanish is known to be one of the fastest languages in the world . The Spanish language is in full growth. Spanish is one of the most used language in the business world, as such, Latin America is becoming a region of vital business importance. Speaking Spanish helps to deepen the knowledge of Latin culture by promoting a deeper understanding of its culture and history. Several works of the modern era were created by artists of Spanish origin , such as Miguel Cervantes' famous book Don Quijote, Mexican films Guillerme del Toro and Spanish director Pedro Almodôvar. There are a multitude of untranslated books, events or specialized websites that have Spanish as their official language and can only be enjoyed in their entirety with the knowledge of the language.

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