StA - Unit 1

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napotkać przeszkody
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encounter obstacles
Don't be put off if you encounter obstacles.
iść w czyjeś ślady
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follow in sb's footsteps
Following in your hero's footsteps can provide direction.
posiadać entuzjazm, energie, determinację
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get-up-and-go / get up and go
You'll need plenty of get up and go to keep you motivated.
pozostać zmotywowanym i zaangażowanym
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keep sb driven and focused
Small accomplishments can keep you driven and focused.
zmuszać się, motywować się
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keep pushing yourself
I had to really keep pushing myself to climb the mountain.
szczyt (także kariery)
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He reached the pinnacle of his career when he won five Grammy awards.
ustawić za cel
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set target
Set yourself manageable targets.
iść za czyimś przykładem, zrobić to samo
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follow suit
Hearing about her adventures did not inspire me to follow suit.

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