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a piece of information or a description of an event that is written on paper or stored on a computer:
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the weather centre keeps a record of the weather
a medical operation:
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it is a routine surgical procedure
to represent or describe someone or something in a painting, film, book, or other artistic work:
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The writer portrays life in a small village at the turn of the century.
to express or complain about something, to a person in authority:
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We represented our grievances/demands to the boss.
relating to the enjoyment or study of beauty:
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the new building has little aesthetic value /appeal
the relationship between two groups or amounts that expresses how much bigger one is than the other:
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the ratio of men to women at the conference was 10 to 1
the amount of something such as food, breath, or a liquid that is taken in by someone or something:
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this bread contains half of your recommended daily intake of fibre
the quality of doing something within reasonable limits:
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Have a piece of chocolate. Any food is ok in moderation.
to invent a plan, system, object, etc., usually using your intelligence or imagination:
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he is good at devising language games that you can play with students in class
Someone who is ... has serious injuries that affect their ability to walk or move:
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will she be crippled for life
to take back something that was yours:
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I reclaimed my suitcase from the lost luggage office.
publishing article
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mr Turnock claimed the editorial had defamed him
to cause something to become caught in something such as a net or ropes:
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in or with
the delphin had become entangled in the fishing nets
(especially of an organization or business) not active or successful:
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the moribund body laid in the hospital bed connected to machines
having little energy; feeling unwilling and unable to do anything:
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I was feeling tired and lethargic.
to publicly support or suggest an idea, development, or way of doing something:
add -ed
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He advocates the return of capital punishment.
to accept something to be true without question or proof:
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We mustn't assume the suspects' guilt.
to believe something to be true because it is very likely, although you are not certain:
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I presume that you've done your homework.
to trap something within something else from which it is difficult to escape:
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she seems to be romantically entangled with some artist in Rome

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