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A ... person or piece of clothing is attractive:
inizia ad imparare
You look very fetching in your green shorts.
to examine something very carefully in order to discover information:
inizia ad imparare
He scrutinized the men's faces carefully/closely, trying to work out who was lying.
a fault, mistake, or weakness, especially one that happens while something is being planned or made, or that causes something not to be perfect:
inizia ad imparare
I returned the material because it had a flaw in it.
sudden feeling of excitement or fear, especially when you think that something is about to happen:
inizia ad imparare
As the music stopped, a frisson of excitement ran through the crowd.
a situation in which people laugh very loudly and think something is very funny:
inizia ad imparare
What was all the hilarity about?
If something that is valuable is ..., it is in a situation where it might be lost:
inizia ad imparare
at stake
Thousands of lives will be at stake if emergency aid does not arrive in the city soon
very surprised or shocked
inizia ad imparare
We were so stupefied by the news that we all sat in silence for a long time.
unwilling or unable to stay still or to be quiet and calm, because you are worried or bored:
inizia ad imparare
It's a great game for diverting restless kids on long car rides.
used to describe something as another, more exciting, interesting, or unusual thing, as a way of emphasizing its character:
inizia ad imparare
My garden had become a veritable jungle by the time I came back from holiday.
attractive in a confident, exciting, and stylish way:
inizia ad imparare
a dashing young soldier
existing only as an idea, not as something real:
inizia ad imparare
Almost everyone will have to pay a higher tax bill than the notional amount suggested by the Treasury Secretary.
the name of a publisher as it appears on a particular set of books
inizia ad imparare
The imprint on the book indicated that it was published a century ago
shy and not confident of your abilities:
inizia ad imparare
You shouldn't be so diffident about your achievements - you've done really well!
to talk about pleasant things that happened in the past
inizia ad imparare
My grandfather used to reminisce about his years in the navy.
a performance of pop or rock music
inizia ad imparare
The band is going to Atlanta to play a gig at the Fox Theatre.
not willing to spend money or give something:
inizia ad imparare
She's too parsimonious to heat the house properly.
happening because of a very old habit from a long time ago in human history, not because of a conscious decision or because it is necessary now:
inizia ad imparare
an atavistic fear of the dark
an emotion, belief, or characteristic of a situation that is hidden and usually negative or dangerous but that has some effect:
inizia ad imparare
undercurrents of racism/anxiety/violence
to sit down on your heels:
inizia ad imparare
hunker down
We hunkered down around the campfire, toasting marshmallows
to keep someone completely interested:
inizia ad imparare
The baseball game completely enthralled the crowd.
to sell, especially quickly or cheaply:
inizia ad imparare
He tried to flog his old car, but no one would buy it.
...... is not to know about or to want to avoid the ordinary and unpleasant things that happen in people's lives:
inizia ad imparare
live in ivory tower
live or be
Academics sitting in an ivory towers have no understanding of what is important for ordinary people.
having a powerful effect, making you feel slightly drunk or excited:
inizia ad imparare
a heady wine/perfume
seeming to know secrets:
inizia ad imparare
"You'll find out eventually," said Mary, with a sly smile.
to persuade, attract, or interest someone, sometimes in order to deceive them:
inizia ad imparare
He was completely beguiled by her beauty. The salesman beguiled him into buying a car he didn't want.

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