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Used when talking about the reckless spending of money
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to burn a hole in one's pocket
When I get my salary I just have to spend it, the money burns a hole in my pocket.
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old hat
I don't like this suit, it's so old hat.
To be the boss of a family or household.
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to wear the trousers in the house/family
It happens more and more often that the woman is the person who wears the trousers in the family.
Used to tell someone to shut up.
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Put a sock in it.
Oh, just put a sock in it and stop complaining.
To have an extremely close relationship, especially at work.
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to work hand in glove
This computer is designed to work hand in glove with the new software.
To argue or compete without controlling your actions or feelings.
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to take the gloves off
Don't make me take the gloves off, we both don't want it.
To lose all your money (usually in a business venture or by gambling).
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to lose one's shirt
He went into business with Thomson and lost his shirt.
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