Body parts – English idioms and sayings

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A very long list.
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a list as long as an arm
My shopping list is usually as long as my arm.
To work extremely hard.
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to break one's back
I break my back doing all the housework without help.
To really annoy someone.
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to get someone's back up
Clean the table or you'll get my back up.
Extremely quickly.
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in the blink of an eye
I'll do it in the blink of an eye.
To be punished or severely criticized.
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to get it in the neck
I really got it in the neck when I hit my little brother.
To have the power to do what you want.
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to have a free hand
I'm interested in the final result, you have a free hand in everything else.
To annoy someone.
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to get up sb's nose
My father hates me singing, it really gets up his nose.
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