Use od English (CAE)

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The renown exhibitions in the National Gallery, Natural History Museum and Tower of London.
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It seems amazing that toucans don't fall on their faces because of the enormous beaks on these colourful South American birds.
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zakładka; (v) zachodzić na siebie
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have a good head on your shoulders
Mathew has a good head on his shoulders, he will do well in this job!
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to be intelligent and able to make good decisions
to back sth up
You might loose all your files from your computer if you don't back them up.
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to make an extra copy of computer information
rip-off mineral water
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zdzierstwo na wodzie mineralnej
learn to the cost
Thousands of people - mostly internet-savvy men in their 20s or 30s - have learnt to their cost the legal and financial risks involved in file-sharing copyrighted music in large quantities.
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learning a lesson at the expense of their money
hold an interest in
Brian had an interest in North American history in his school days. Incorrect!
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interesować się
to be overcome with fear
I was overcome with fear when I worked out what had occurred.
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zostać owładniętym przez strach
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