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approve of, be willing to take in
I will accept your offer to help me move this weekend if you let me buy you dinner.
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test to see how or if something works
I did an experiment with my teacher to see if homework was important. I didn’t do any for a month. In the end, I found out that homework really was important.
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care for one self
Larry is making time for some self-care after working so much
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something that is more important than other things; something that must be done first
Rob’s family is his top priority.
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in someone’s thoughts and feelings
There is an old expression that says that beauty is not on the outside, but comes from within.
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make better, stronger
John is trying to improve his tennis game by taking private lessons with tennis pro.
stress out
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worry; make someone nervous or upset
It stresses me out when my parents yell at each other.
hot mess
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person or thing that feels like they are in disorder or unsuccessful
Karen forgot to make her lunch, didn’t bring her homework to class, and lost her keys. She’s a hot mess today.
work in progress
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project or piece of work that is not yet finished
The garden is a work in progress. There’s still more to be done to get the plants growing.
New Age
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having a group of beliefs including an interest in alternative healing, astrology, and spirituality
His beliefs are a little bit New Age for me. I’m much more traditional.

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