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to relax, especially by sitting with your feet supported above the ground
inizia ad imparare
put your feet up
You go home and put your feet up
to record it on a file (a set of paper records) in case it might be useful in the future.
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file away
The details are filed away by his three secretaries for future reference.
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call on
They also called on “the resistance” in the West Bank
Burza w szklance wody
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Tempest in a teapot or Tempest in a teapot
najechać, wtargną, okupować
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Reach a certain point or goal
inizia ad imparare
make it to
Do you think she'll make it to graduation? or We finally made it to Chicago
to end, or to make an activity end
zwinąć biznes, zakończyć jakąs aktywność
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wind sth up
also wind sth down (gradually)
We need to wind up now, we only have five minutes left.
to gain the greatest possible advantage from something
wykorzystać na maksa
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make/get the most out of something
Charming and friendly, she will help you make the most of your visit
to say formally or publicly that you no longer own, support, believe in, or have a connection with something
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Gandhi renounced the use of violence. Her ex-husband renounced his claim to the family house.
to say that you have no responsibility for, or knowledge of, something that has happened or been done
wyprzeć się, zdementować
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We disclaim all responsibility for this disaster
If you '...' an organization or person, you agree with and support their aims
wspierać, popierać
inizia ad imparare
align yourself with sth/sb
zaatakować kogoś werbalnie lub fizycznie
to strike out in defense or attack—physically or verbally
inizia ad imparare
lash out at someone
Amy was angry with Ed and lashed out at him just to show who was boss.
materiały biurowe
inizia ad imparare
inizia ad imparare
candy bar
słodycze, smakołyki
inizia ad imparare
sweets, candy
experiencing or using a threat of killing with a gun
na muszce, grożąc bronią (chodzi o pistolet)
inizia ad imparare
at gunpoint
The family were held at gunpoint for an hour while the men raided their house.
a short journey either to take a message or to take or collect something
zadanie, zlecenie, sprawunek
inizia ad imparare
I'll meet you at six, I've got some errands to do/run first.
to discuss possibilities or new ideas with a group of people:
przegadać coś
inizia ad imparare
toss around something
Some of us have been tossing around suggestions for improving the show.
make sth tidy
uporządkować (nieformalnie)
inizia ad imparare
neaten up
to examine or look at something in a careful or detailed way:
przejrzeć, przestudiować jeszcze raz
inizia ad imparare
go over
Remember to go over your essay to check for grammar and spelling mistakes
(of a number of things) to form something as a whole:
tworzyć (całość)
inizia ad imparare
make up sth
The book is made up of several different articles.
w skrócie / jednym słowem
inizia ad imparare
in a nutshell
uncja (jednostka miary masy)
inizia ad imparare
ounce (unit of mass)
inizia ad imparare
move the data to auxiliary table
large or heavy and therefore difficult to carry or use; unwieldy
inizia ad imparare
a main message or piece of information that you learn from something you hear or read
główna rzecz/przesłanie
inizia ad imparare
The takeaway from the conference was how competitive the tourism industry has become.
to be told facts or information that you did not know
dowiedzieć się
inizia ad imparare
I later learned (that) the message had never arrived
haniebny, skandaliczny, gorszący
inizia ad imparare
I have never seen more hideous and disgraceful thing in my entire life
ohydny, obrzydliwy
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the best method for doing a particular thing
najlepszy sposób
inizia ad imparare
the way to go
A law against dumping waste is the way to go.
nadstawiać karku, ryzykować
inizia ad imparare
stick his neck
(informal) to be very easy to notice
inizia ad imparare
stick out
She certainly sticks out in a crowd
opanuj się człowieku
to make an effort to control your emotions and behave more calmly
inizia ad imparare
get a grip man.
o stop supporting or doing something:
zastopować, wycofać się z czegoś
inizia ad imparare
pull back
Both parties indicate they will not pull back from a new peace deal
text that is written with each of the first letters of every word being capitalized
inizia ad imparare
proper case
round bracket
inizia ad imparare
odpowiedzialny za coś
inizia ad imparare
to bring the memory of a past event into your mind, and often to give a description of what you remember
przypomnieć, przywołać co robiliśmy, mówiliśmy.
inizia ad imparare
He recalled (that) he had sent the letter over a month ago.
hurt, hurtowy
inizia ad imparare
We only sell wholesale, not to the public.
to involve yourself in a situation when your involvement is not wanted or is not helpful
ingerować, wtrącać się w coś
inizia ad imparare
Interfering in other people's relationships is always a mistake

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