Funny Romanian words and expressions

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a vinde gogoși
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to lie
Literally translates as "to sell doughnuts".
a scoate pe cineva din pepeni
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to drive somebody nuts
Literally translates as "to take somebody out of his watermelons".
a fi varză
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to be very messy / tired
Literally translates as "to be cabbage".
a-i sări muștarul
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to lose temper
Literally translates as "somebody's mustard to jump off".
a freca menta
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to waste time
Literally translates as "to rub the mint".
a avea minte creață
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to be creative / weird
Literally translates as "to have a curly mind".
a-i pica fața cuiva
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to be surprised
Literally translates as "somebody's face to fall off".
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Literally translates as "concrete".
a se uita ca pisica în calendar
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to be confused
Literally translates as "to stare like a cat at a calendar".
a fi prins cu mâța-n sac
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to be caught cheating
Literally translates as "to be caught with the cat in the bag".
a călca pe bec
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to break a rule
Literally translates as "to step on a light bulb".
a fi ca baba și mitraliera
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to be unsuitable for something
Literally translates as "to be like an old lady with a machine-gun".
a veni cu mâna în fund
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to come without a gift
Literally translates as "to come with the hand between butt-cheeks".
a avea pitici pe creier
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to say crazy ideas
Literally translates as "to have dwarfs on the brain".
a avea un morcov în fund
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to be nervous
Literally translates as "to have a carrot in one's ass".
a plimba ursul
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to go away
Literally translates as "to walk the bear".

Some facts about the Romanian language

Romanian is a Romance language and has many lexical similarities with Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French, which means that if you learn Romanian, you can learn one of these languages much easier. About 10-15% of the vocabulary (and nearly half in Moldova) is of Slavic origin, due to the fact that Romania is surrounded by Slavic countries and Moldova was part of the Soviet Union. Learning Romanian means learning a language that is about 1700 years old. It is not so difficult to learn Romanian because it is a phonetic language, the words are spelt and pronounced exactly the same. The Romanian culture will impress you with its diversity, the fascinating Romanian cuisine and of course, the hospitable people. Learn Romanian to understand the natives and their culture better. Listen to the famous O-Zone song called Dragostea din tei and you will realize you already heard it and know some Romanian words :) Learn the funny Romanian phrases we included in this lesson to amuse your friends!

Learn funny Romanian phrases

There are a lot of Romanian sayings and funny Romanian phrases that do not make sense if you translate them literally but have an interesting meaning if you use them as the natives. One of these funny Romanian phrases will introduce you to a brand new meaning of the word cabbage. The word concrete is also a part of the Romanian slang. To learn it's meaning, take a look at these funny Romanian phrases. One of the sarcastic expressions uses the word cat in Romanian in very funny circumstances. Learn these funny Romanian phrases and master their pronunciation to use them next time you visit Romania. Impress your friends with the unexpected meaning of these funny Romanian phrases!

Here are some funny Romanian phrases you will learn

This Romanian lesson will be very useful if you want to speak to a local and really fun if you want to joke with your Romanian friends. It includes many funny Romanian phrases with interesting meanings, for example:
  • 1. "a scoate din pepeni", which means "to drive somebody nuts"
  • 2. "a freca menta" - "to waste time"
  • 3. "a avea minte creață", meaning "to be creative"
  • 4. "a călca pe bec" - "to break a rule"
  • 5. "a avea pitici pe creier", which means "to say crazy things"
Sounds fun, right? Take a look at the other funny Romanian phrases and most importantly, at their literal translation. We are sure they will seem hilarious! Master these funny Romanian phrases and proceed to other fun Romanian courses and lessons. We advise you to take a look at the Romanian in 1 day course. It will teach you the most useful and basic Romanian vocabulary to help you start a conversation with a native. Learn Romanian with VocApp for the best and fastest results!

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