Everything you need to know to be a digital influencer!

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Digital influencer
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Digital influencer is the person who can influence the behavior and opinion of thousands of people through the content that he publishes in his communication channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
Social Media
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Social media are social structures, composed of people or organizations, where participants connect and interact about common interests.
Social networks for relationships
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Social media is primarily about connecting people and fostering content production and sharing.
(e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus)
Social Networking for Entertainment
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Social media focused on entertainment are those in which the goal is the consumption of content.
(e.g. Youtube, Pinterest)
Professional Social Network
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LinkedIn is the prime example of professional networking. Users can network, meet and contact companies, access and advertise vacancies and projects, participate in professional discussion groups, among others.
Niche Social Networks
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Niche social networks are known to be geared towards a highly segmented niche market.
(e.g. Skoob is a social network aimed at readers.)
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You can use this platform to: advertise your business; to relate to the public; publish launches, offers and promotions; build the image of your brand.
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You can use Twitter to: publish updated and original content; show that you are connected in the affairs of the moment; interact with your followers.
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You can use Youtube to: do tutorials; make more spontaneous and funny videos; create a series on a certain subject to engage the public; demonstrate products; publish interviews, lectures or testimonials;
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You can use LinkedIn for: Partnerships with other companies; Talk about your business, your values and organizational culture; Convert and relate to customers; Publish educational content for professionals in the field; Find the collaborators for your team;
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You can use Instagram to: Create a closer proximity to your followers; Share videos and photos from day to day; Promote products, brands; Use instastories to announce news, update followers in real time of the place; Make live videos.
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You can use Pinterest to: Create panels with your products or use images that represent the lifestyle of your audience, generating affinity with the brand; The network is highly suitable for business with the female audience. About 80% of Pinterest users are women.
Find your niche
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To differentiate themselves from their rivals, influencers need to share specific, high-quality content relevant to their followers.
Social media channels
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Think about the type of content you want to produce and if you can. Are you better at making videos or writing content? More Instagram (quality photos), more youtube (show your personality, creates a closer relationship with your audience) or Facebook (various publications).
Content strategy
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What are your priorities? Why should people follow you? What is your value?
Have a plan
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Make a plan, prepare the next 2 or 3 months. See relevant dates and how you can make a difference.
Be regular
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Your content must attract people, it must be constant. Choose a time of the day or a day of the week to make your publications.
Collaborate with other influencers and brands
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Contact other influencers and brands, exchange likes, comments, make a video together, be creative together. Reach more followers and create value.
Build your community
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Invites new people, participates in forums, events, groups and fan pages. Create a purpose that connects the community.
Promote yourself
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The good content stands out for itself. You need to guide your audience. Find out the best time to make publications, links you to digital influencers and do something differentiator.
Provide value
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Create quality content, build your identity and be credible.
Use your personality
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Influencers are most successful when they’re relatable, which is why your personality is an important tool for building your brand.
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Increase your network of contacts, go to events, meet other influencers, entrepreneurs, representatives of brands, among others. All contacts are important and can make a difference.
The importance of Analytics
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It is important to use analytics tools to understand the metrics, the growth rate of followers, know the number of clicks on the site, number of views, promote publications. This way it will be easier to draw a strategy.
Don’t buy followers
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You will lose credibility, will be followed by fake profiles, the content becomes less relevant, the metrics will be false. Basically you will be working in vain.

Influencer Marketing

Nowadays social media are part of the daily lives of thousands of people. It is one of the biggest addictions of the 21st century, in which many people refuse to abdicate. The illusion of perfection is a constant and that is where digital influencers come in. New trends and new consumption habits are created every day. A lot of people confuse digital influencers with celebrities. In some cases, it may happen, however, not all influencers are singers, models, actors or artists. Brands increasingly focus on digital influencers , their proximity to the public, their credibility and access to a large audience. People rely on consumer opinion, on products and brands. "After all, influencer marketing is word-of-mouth marketing at scale." Consumers are increasingly demanding and less and less believe in traditional advertising, so they are referred to as normal people, who are the digital influencers .

The importance of this lesson

To be a digital influencer there are certain concepts that you need to assimilate. Surely you know what social media are, but do you know the different categories in which they divide? Do you know how to use them correctly? Do you know the best social networks for relationships , professional social network , social networking for entertainment and niche social network ? It is important to target your audience, you must know what your value is and how you can make a difference. Is it important to create a plan , have a strategy for your content , collaborate with other influencers and many more tips that you will learn in this lesson. If you like to make vídeos , why not create a YouTube channel ? Do you like photography and show your daily life , why not make your Instagram more attractive and engaging? Do you want to be the next Pewdiepie , Kylie Jenner or Logan Paul ? This lesson gives you the basics of everything you need to know to become a digital influencer . What are you waiting for?

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