Dizionario Polacco - Inglese

język polski - English

kawiarnia in inglese:

1. café café

Excuse me, where is the café?
That café is downstairs.
We had a cup of tea in the café.
In a café you can drink a cup of coffee.
I have a coffee in a café.
My mum works in a café.
There's a nice quiet café right across the street.
As I entered the café, I found two young men watching a wrestling match on television.
No doubt, regardless of the time, she was planning to go to the net café without me if I hadn't arrived first.
Evening come, since you were slightly tired, you wished to sit in front of a new Café located on the corner of a new boulevard, still full of gravel and already showing its unfinished splendors.
The café nearer to the school is closed at lunch hours.

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2. coffee shop coffee shop

I met her at the coffee shop this afternoon.

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3. cafeteria cafeteria

The cafeteria on the 5th floor will be closed due to renovation.
I heard my name called in the cafeteria.
The cafeteria was self-service.
I am tired of eating at the school cafeteria.
Where is the cafeteria?
He eats lunch at a cafeteria.
She might be having coffee in the cafeteria.
A cafeteria is a self-service style restaurant.
I'd like to work at the cafeteria.
There's a fantastic cafeteria where I work.
The buffet or the cafeteria is in Car 9.

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4. coffee house coffee house

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