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the force or action of one object hitting another:
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The impact of the crash reduced the car to a third of its original length. The bullet explodes on impact (= when it hits another object).
having a negative or harmful effect on something:
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The match has been cancelled because of adverse weather conditions.
to move lightly and quickly, making a small jump after each step:
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She watched her little granddaughter skip down the path.
reminding you of something else;
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associative mode of thinking
involving a series of events or thoughts in which one follows another one directly:
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These mental exercises are designed to break linear thinking habits and encourage creativity.
for a long time:
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at length
George went on at great length about his various illnesses
the process of dealing with information, especially using a computer:
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processing information
Training in the effective use of information processing tools is as important as the tools themselves.
to take hold of something or someone suddenly and roughly: (=snatch), zlapac, chwytac, zagarnac
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A mugger grabbed her handbag as she was walking across the park.
to jump on one foot or to move about in this way:
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I tried to hop on my good foot while holding onto Jim.
to say that you know from experience that something is true or good, or that someone is honest and has a good character:
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vouch for sth
Patricia has checked the reports and can vouch for the accuracy of the information.
a saying or remark that is very often made and is therefore not original and not interesting:
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My wedding day - and I know it's a cliché - was just the happiest day of my life.
a system of rules, ideas, or beliefs that is used to plan or decide something: szkielet, struktura, konstrujcja, podstawy
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The foundations are ready and the steel framework for the tower has been built. The future trade agenda can provide an important framework for restoring sustainable growth.
to accept something as it appears to be rather than studying it more closely
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take sth at face value
I took the offer at face value. I didn't think they might be trying to trick me.
a series of related things or events, or the order in which they follow each other:
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The first chapter describes the strange sequence of events that led to his death.
to be able to understand how someone else feels
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It's very easy to empathize with the characters in her books.
informal a feeling of excitement, energy, and pleasure:
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I love riding fast - it gives me a real buzz.
used to describe the reaction that people have to a dangerous situation, that makes them either stay and deal with it, or run away:
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a fight-or-flight response
to cause someone to feel sexual excitement, //// excitement pobudzenie
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Their success in the referendum depended on the arousal of voters' fear
disapproving: to change something in order to make it less strongly expressed, less harmful, or less offensive:
to change something to make it less upsetting or unpleasant and more acceptable:
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The military wants to allow only a sanitized report/version of the incident to become public. The new text sanitizes early American history.
a generally accepted opinion or decision among a group of people:
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The general consensus in the office is that he can't do his job.
the act of changing to the next stage of development:
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Drugs can slow down the progression of the disease.
​ to prevent something from continuing: used especially in news reports (stop)
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"Halt!" called the guard. "You can't go any further without a permit."
a statement or idea that you accept as true and use as a base for developing other ideas;
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The conclusions you have drawn are based on a false premise.

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